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Another old lang sine...  

Eviloutlaw1 60M
5859 posts
12/30/2021 7:35 pm

Last Read:
12/31/2021 2:51 pm

Another old lang sine...

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Eviloutlaw1 60M
5180 posts
12/30/2021 7:42 pm

A few days ago on my blog I was telling you all about a New Years Eve party I had attended a few years ago and sort of left off not finishing the tale of what happened... Well with time on my hands this evening I thought I'd finish it for you all. If your confused and want to read the beginning of the story please see my previous blog post "is someone having a party?"

As I left off I was standing in the hallway of a couples home I used to play with on most weekends at a party they were hosting on New Years Eve. The party was in full swing by then ( meaning most of the straight people who had been invited to attend had left for the evening trying to avoid any drunks on the road as they traveled back to their homes. ) Those that were left behind were in the lifestyle and had high hopes of having some more fun of a sexual nature by staying on a bit longer. Most, like me were spending the night.... and like me spending with it whom was yet to be determined. I had assumed it be getting together with the host and his wife as some times it felt as we were and old married poly couple. As it happened I fully expected the host husband Dale to jump me as soon as I'd finished in the bathroom. He'd been cornering me all night and when he thought no one was looking would kiss and grope me in dark corners such as the hall way leading to the bathroom. Well I was surprised when I came out of the bathroom this last time and Dale instead of stopping me, went past and into the bathroom himself. I guess when you got to go, you got to go. Any who, on my way back to the dining room a woman ( Tina, Dale's wife's cousin) Stepped out of the door way of one of the bedrooms and pulled up her shirt, asking me what I thought of her breasts... needles to say, but I answered the question with my lips when I wrapped them around one of her perky nipples and started playing with the other., rubbing and tweaking it with my fingers getting it hard and swollen.

Figuring Tina had stayed as I had to ring in the New Year naked with someone getting laid I didn't stop with just sucking on her breast, and I soon had the button of her jeans popped open and her zipper down... as my hand slid over her pubic mound snaking farther downwards in her panties.... I felt someone come up behind me and grab my hips with both hinds pulling me into what felt like a very large and hard cock. At that moment I though Dale had come out of the bathroom and happening upon us decided to join in on the fun. My second thought was.. what the fuck? Dale had never taken the top aggressive role in our relationship, preferring to be bottom always. Turning my head, I looked who might be behind the welcomed prodding at my rear noting that it wasn't Dale at all but Tina's Boy friend / husband ( I never really found out which ) the guy she came with to the party that night. Steve was a big guy, someone who worked out and worked hard for a living fixing cars. The type of guy you wouldn't want mad at you for any reason. So, I was somewhat relieved to know that he wasn't pissed off at me catching me sucking his wife's / girlfriends nipple and my hand down her panties. Finding us in such a position he wrapped us both up in those huge arms of his in a bear like hug and said... "Dale and Lori said you go both ways...Tina and I were wondering if you like to play with us tonight? " By that time my fingers had found the sweet spot on Tina and she started to moan as I rubbed her clit... Well He took her moan as a big yes from me reaching down to undo my belt buckle along with the button of my jeans and zipper, once released my pants fell to the floor around my ankles. Steve then took ahold of my stiff cock and started stroking me. I went back to kissing Tina and fingering her clit once more and with the other hand reached back and groped at Steve's package trying in vein to get his pants off as well. I finally gave up trying and let him remove his pants on his own.

When Dale came out of the bathroom that's the first thing he saw.. Me with my pants down around my ankles hard as a rock, Tina standing up against the door jamb of the bedroom her shirt up tit's on display her pants around her ankles as well and Steve pulling off his undershorts his hard cock making a tent in them and hard to get them off trying to balance him self with one hand on the wall without falling over as he did.

You know, Dale said to us as he approached... It might be easier on all of you if you moved your play into the living room where there'd be more room to do so? Well, we all sort of laughed out loud at his suggestion. Grabbing our fallen clothing up we headed towards the living room. Along the way Tina told Steve to get her drink from the dining room table where she'd left it, saying okay to her he asked if I needed mine or If I needed a refill? I told him I was drinking rum and coke and if he could get me a refill while he was getting Tina's drink that be great. He turned off at the kitchen doorway and said he'd be back soon and feel free to get started without him. I followed Tina's swaying ass into the living room and upon entering we saw Lori reclined on the couch legs spread... John sitting on the floor between them his head buried in her pussy while Melody his wife was busy in between John's legs sucking his cock. Having been with John and Melody myself on a few occasions I knew what fun being with them could be and they both looked at the top of their game this evening. As it was it looked as though Lori was enjoying herself.. Dale was the odd man out having walked in behind me he was the only one still with his clothing on. They weren't on for long though. His stripping down was swift. As I watched him take off his clothing I couldn't help but remember all the times we'd had fun, Dale had a perfect ass and loved getting fucked, as much as I loved pounding his ass. My thoughts rambling My attention was called back to reality by Tina, who had by this time settled into the recliner one leg over each arm of the chair her butt scooched to the end of the cushion giving me full view of her pussy. About time you get going on what you started in the hallway don't you think? she said to me, going on to add Don't worry about Dale's ass this evening, and I'm sure John will take care of filling it for him tonight. She was right and I'd was being lax in finishing or getting to what I'd already started.. that being playing with her. Tossing my clothing in the corner I sat down between her legs and bent my head down and started licking her wet pussy. My eyes closed my tongue working her clit she soon placed both hands on my head and started steering where she wanted me to go with it. I love it when a woman takes charge and directs traffic like that... other wise I'm lost with a new partner. Better she show me the way to go the first time out rather than my getting lost along the way. Well she'd taken me around the block as it were and I felt confident enough to take the wheel myself when one of her hands left the top of my head ... I heard her say thank you and Steve's reply of your welcome and I figured he'd just gotten back with our drinks. She must have taken a sip of her wine when she spoke to him again....suck his cock for me babe, I love watching you sucking another guy's dick.
Next thing I knew my legs were pulled out from under me and apart and Steve was taking my hard cock in his mouth. talk about sensory overload? My face buried in Tina's pussy my swollen prick being devoured by Steve and hearing the sounds of the other couples across the room getting it on.. well it was about the nearest I could get to heaven with out having to die. The site of her husband/ boyfriend sucking my cock my tongue lapping at her pussy sent Tina over the edge, crying out to Steve as she came telling him Yes! Suck his dick for me babe! Get him nice and wet so he can fuck me. Doing as she asked as she asked it I could actually feel Steve's saliva dripping down my shaft onto my balls.

Her orgasm fading she pulled my head up by my hair and in the sluttiest voice I've ever heard said fuck me now.. fuck me Tim. Always a gentleman I obliged her request.. getting up on my knees I got between her legs and slipped my cock in her pussy balls deep on the first push. Leaning over I kissed her my tongue snaking into her mouth making contact with hers.. breaking our kiss I noticed Steve had gotten up and was standing beside the recliner his thick meat inches away from our faces, yeah I needed no prodding and before she could take his swollen prick in her mouth I beat her to it. A squeal of delight from Tina as I sucked Steve into my mouth then she spoke saying that's it suck his cock for me Tim get it wet so he can fuck you. Fuck me? I could barely get that monster of a cock between my lips let along imagine how It could ever fit in my ass. I doubled my efforts and after a bit ( a short bit I may add) Steve had pulled his cock out of my mouth and started walking around behind me. Grabbing me just as he had in the hallway earlier he held me still my cock still half inside Tina's pussy on the out pull... using his thumbs he spread my ass cheeks apart lined up and started pushing Fuck that thing was too huge it felt like he was ripping me a new one down there Steve whispered into my ear.. relax it'll fit.. trust me. Once the head of his prick slipped past my O- ring it did seem easier though I've never felt fuller in my life. With a slow steady push all six and a half thick inches of that thing fit just as he said it would. Bottoming out his thrust push my cock back into Tina's pussy. It seemed Steve was doing the driving now fucking my ass and in doing so fucking Tina with my cock.

Needless to say but Tina and I were both moaning to beat the band having not bottomed a lot I know knew why Dale always took that role when ever I was fucking him and Lori in that same position. Me in Dale's ass and him in Lori's pussy. Feelings flooded my brain and body that I'd never felt before. I didn't know If I was coming or going as it was those feelings had me cuming in no time at all I must have uttered, or perhaps shouted I was about to cum when Dale pulled his cock from my ass shooting his own load across my ass cheeks and up my back pulling me out of Tina in the process as I shot my first spurt of cum across her stomach. Hearing and seeing Steve and I both cum at the same time Tina started rubbing her clit really fast and moments later came herself a second time that night.

I think I may have blacked out for a bit after that? The next thing I knew Steve was between my legs once more sucking the cream that was left on it off like you'd like the spoon after mixing a cholate cake. As I looked about the room Tina was kneeling over Lori's face getting her pussy licked once more, while Melody was between Lori's legs licking her pussy. John had Dale bent over the couch and like Tina had said earlier he was filling his ass quite nicely. As I watched this all going on around me I started to get hard once again....At that point Steve picked his head up and said your ready for round two now Great! I need that cock of yours in my ass........

As I said in the earlier post where this all started... I really miss being invited to parties like that one.

Eviloutlaw1 60M
5180 posts
12/30/2021 7:51 pm

Have a good one people!

author51 59F  
130010 posts
12/31/2021 1:17 am

Jumping my sexy friend. I have never been to parties like that myself, but would love to go with you one day...Loved the entire adventure from beginning to END.Happy New Years Eve Hun.xoxo

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 12/31/2021 4:26 am:
You would be more than welcome to join me at a party of the like with me anytime my Sexy friend! Provided I ever get asked to attend another one. Actually I'd rater attend a party of two, just me and you more. Happy New Year Hon..have a good one! {=}

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