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Let her sleep....  

Eviloutlaw1 60M
5859 posts
1/23/2022 6:07 am

Last Read:
1/30/2022 4:34 am

Let her sleep....

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Eviloutlaw1 60M
5180 posts
1/23/2022 6:08 am

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead are just fantasy.

My alarm clock rang at it usual time, and I reached over to the night stand to turn it off, less it wake the woman snuggling next to me in the bed. Slipping quietly from her embrace she stirred and asked what time it was? Early I told her in a soft voice, too early for you to get up.. go back to sleep. Mumbling something else she rolled over, the covers sliding off her well defined ass. I stood and stared a bit watching her drift back off to her dreaming. My cock stirred at the site of her. It always did and always will I suppose? A year younger then I am at fifty-nine she had a body that most twenty-something women would be envious of. All those years of competition figure skating then the years following teaching the sport to others had toned her into a beauty that could still turn a man's head, or a woman for that matter. I had to fight the urge to rejoin her under the covers, and make love to her again as we had the night before. I pulled the covers back across her body and headed to the shower to get ready for work.

Walking to the bathroom nude, turning on the shower my cock hard had pointed the way. Morning wood normal for me really, but seeing her laying there sleeping made it harder than it usually would be. She had called me on her last break of the evening before she came over last night, asking if it would be alright if she did? No longer teaching, she had started her own business along the same line of work that I did. Part of the reason we had become so close, swapping horror stories about our jobs. Well with my apartment being closer to her work she told me that the long walk to her own place would be cold and unpleasant to say the least. Telling me that she'd just drop in for a bit to warm herself and brace herself for the longer trek home. I told her that she was very welcome to stop by anytime. I'd make a pot of coffee to help her warm up. She thanked me, telling me she'd be round at eleven or so. Then rang off.

Looking out the window I saw the snow had started falling once again. Noting that, I turned on the fireplace. Yeah, it's electric, and looks kind of fake but it actually heats up the living room rather well, and with the lights dim one wouldn't really notice that it wasn't a real fire. After that I went to the kitchen to put the coffee on. It had just finished brewing when I heard the doorbell ring.

Looking out the peep hole to see who it was, there she stood. Covered in snow, shivering in the cold, and I quickly opened the door to let her inside. Once inside. I had her take off her coat so I could hang it up to dry out. Taking off her boots, I put them beside the heater vent so they would get dry and be warm for her when she put them back on. Once her outer vestments were in hand I told her to go and warm herself up in front of the fireplace and I'd get her a cup of coffee, asking if she like me to sweeten it a bit with a splash of Kahlua? Rubbing her hands together to warm them she answered Yes please!

On the way back with her coffee and one for myself I stopped in my bedroom and pulled the quilt off the end of the bed. Getting to the living room she had seated herself in my recliner, all scrunched up in the big chair still looking chilled to the bone. I set the mugs down and started arranging the quilt on top of her, pulling it almost up to her chin, the back of my hand making contact with her right breast as I did. I couldn't help but feel that her nipple was hard...from the cold no doubt...but my mind did wander a bit... wondering if being with me was also having some affect in that regards as well? She thanked me and asked for the mug I'd put down, then after handing it to her she took a big sip. A smile spreading across her face as she swallowed. So good! Thank you! I asked if she was getting warm and if the quilt was helping? A little was her reply, it'd be warmer if you joined me under it though... trailing off. Tilting my head I had to say that I didn't think we'd both fit sitting in the same chair, not comfortably at least... nonsense she said, pulling the quilt back telling me "get in here mister!"... Well, we bot fit, just. Neither of us was really sitting mind you, more like laying next to each other as it were. She half in the seat and half on my lap, my left arm trapped somewhat behind her.. and her right one behind me, our legs intertwined so that I couldn't tell who was whos. During our struggle to get situated her t-shirt had become untucked in the back and my left hand was making contact with her bare back, as she snuggled in next to me she placed her cup on the end table and said I wish I didn't have to go back out into it again. I dread that walk home in the cold now that I'm warming up. I slipped my hand beneath the back of waistband of her jeans and pulled her closer and kissed her... and need for you to go.. please stay....

Eviloutlaw1 60M
5180 posts
1/23/2022 6:13 am

More next weekend my friends...For now...have a good one, and keep warm if you can.

author51 59F  
130010 posts
1/23/2022 8:42 am

Fantasies such as this seem so vividly real. So real that it places us inside the fantasy, right there beside you. Beside you and in bed with you..Dreams and fantasies have been known to become our reality.. I am on the edge of my seat with my hands between my thighs waiting impatiently for the next chapter my sexy man..xoxo

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 1/24/2022 12:29 am:
Yes, fantasies have been known to become real. When that happens it's all the sweeter I feel. I'm glad your enjoying the tale my friend. Hopefully the rest of the story will be to your liking as well? Have a good one sexy! Stay warm!

PonyGirl1965 57F
22090 posts
1/23/2022 11:05 pm

I want it to be real. For you.

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 1/24/2022 12:33 am:
I'd like that as well Pony. Very much. Not to rush things with this story, but I've also been thinking of another one for when this one is finished. I think you may find that interesting as well? Have a good one sexy lady! Enjoy the warmer temps you've been getting out there in Ok. and don't work too hard.

hungrytim1 56M  
5 posts
1/25/2022 12:09 am

how do I get to your blog box?

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