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Legend of the Levithan ch 1  

FoxyTattoo 30F
0 posts
2/5/2022 3:03 am
Legend of the Levithan ch 1

Being a well bred woman has it's perks. The finer things in life, good tea, fine wine, the latest fashion, and money. For all the benefits that a well bred woman receives and can afford, such status however; came with certain expectations and demands. Being the of a governor demanded a fitting suitor, that of a high ranking military officer, powerful sea merchants, or a wealthy aristocrat. It was a lavish life of privilege payed for in manners, stuffy ballroom gatherings, and a pool of predetermined suitors.

For many women, it was a life they enjoyed or settled into easily. Not for me however. Much to my father's ire I refused any and every suitor he had suggested or even attempted to place in my company. For all I am a young and beautiful woman who many desire, I am also one of the most stubborn women you could hope to encounter. I need no man, and nor shall I bow to one. Could I exchange my status and wealth for my freedom to be common born I would. After I refused to take a suitor of my father's choosing he attempted to persuade me to take one of my own choosing; hoping that would finally ease me into a marriage. His furry was startling when I refused and professed that I would take no man but I did not expect what came next. My father made a large business deal with a powerful sailor merchant and aristocrat for my hand in marriage.

So now here I am, locked in the main cabin of a large merchant's ship, awaiting for my "husband" to be to come in. All I can do is wait, sitting in the bolted down chair at the small writing desk. The ship rocks back and forth almost rhythmically on the calm waves of the sea. There's a miniature, expensive, oak grandfather clock bolted down on the desk, ticking softly and the sound is something to focus on over the creaking of the ship. The bed off to the right of the desk is lined with soft and lush red blankets with golden trim. I can see that money is no object to this particular merchant and I assume that he is arrogant before even seeing him.

Nearly three hours of isolation in the cabin has left me plenty of time to think, mostly about how angry I am with my father. How dare he just sell me off for the sake of his status. My main reoccurring thought is however; I won't love this man, and I will never please him. Just as that thought is going through my mind once again, the aristocrat merchant finally walking into the cabin.

I stand, getting my first real look at him. He's barely a head taller than myself with slicked back blond hair and light hazel eyes. His features are pronounced but slender. His nose is long and slightly hooked at the end, and his jaw line boarder lining on feminine. I can't help but admit silently to myself that he is quite attractive, and his taste in clothes are excellent. He stood there, wearing a brilliant red tunic with a tight black waist coat vest. His black pants seemed to be made out of silk and his belt a fine leather. His<b> boots </font></b>matched his belt and were clearly the finest quality that money could buy.

"Good evening." He greeted in a deep but somewhat airy voice, not bothering to introduce himself. I merely stare back at him with an icy stare. He chuckles at me, not seeming overly concerned about my lack of words, "Feel bitter all you want, but your father made a deal. You were his property to do as he pleased with. This is the position you are in now, and no how hard you try to fight it, you have no where to on this ship that I can't find you."

"I know very well the circumstances I am in; but I would rather be eaten by a sea serpent than submit to being your wife." I hiss softly.

A large and nasty smile spreads across his face, "Count on it then. You have a purpose and you will serve it." I stare at him stunned, words failing me as I watch him casually close the gap between us. Swiftly he grabs my cheeks between very strong and placing a rather aggressive kiss onto me. I struggle a little, only to be shoved backward onto the bed; but he doesn't follow up, "Pity, you are pretty; but the the Leviathan only takes virgin sacrifices." Then he grabbed a scroll of paper off of his desk and marched back out of the cabin, a heavy sliding noise following; letting me know that he had slid a dead bolt from the outside.

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