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take me part 488... edited  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
12/9/2021 5:02 pm
take me part 488... edited

He nodded and spoke in Swedish to his family, and friends. They all knew us because we had helped them, like the people in Gotland, the island to the south. He handed them the phones as Annie reached in one of the packs and gave him the seven coins I took from the safe. "These are for your people." They all shook their heads as he said it wasn't necessary.

"We consider him our dragon too, and take care...took care... of our dragons. You don't need to us to help him."

"I'm not, Captain. These aren't ours. I'm making sure they go to good people. It's good to have gold." He stared at the girls as Sara walked away on the phone, and Kana sat next to me.

"Same people?"

"More or less, but we're hoping it's the last of them, at least the ones coming after us. It's getting tiring." He looked her.

"Sadly, Anyrd, there is no end to men like these." She nodded as she handed him the gold coins and said "then, sadly, they would be seeing more of us."

"We can speak when we get off the phone. Kana is his rider. She won't leave him like this. If someone could bring her stew, or whatever you have, please see to it." He nodded. 'How's the ship coming along?" He smiled, and nodded.

"We can discuss it over dinner." Annie walked up to Sara as she on the phone.

"Call Norway. I'm checking in with everyone else." Annie nodded as she called home. Airi answered.

"It's Annie. Is everyone ok? "Yes, one of the wolves shot but the vet is tending to him. Taiiko took the drones down, there were only four, and she is fast but one did fire off something that hit the barn where the hay , good call on that. There's some damage but no one thought it structural. They fixed it enough to get the animals back inside, including Drakon and his white fluff balls." Annie laughed. "Taiiko is taking people north for the animals. We took their weapons, and gear, along with<b> boots </font></b>and winter gear. We didn't figure the wolves mind since they deal with fur. She's almost done, maybe an hour...tops. She found the control van and there are people going through it. It well funded, and orchestrated, but they expect us, or wolves. We have all of their passports. They're probably fakes but the signature on all of them is the same. I'll wait until you get back to fill you in. I've scanned and sent them to Bob. He said they should know something by morning. How about you?" Silence.

"Danael is injured, but he'll be fine. Kana is with him and won't be leaving, no matter how cold it gets tonight. They brought her furs to sleep between and are building fires and bringing her food. I'm calling for a helicopter after we hang up. We missed one sniper. Danael shifted and stood in front of Sara to keep her safe. It the best place he could shot. He's drained because he's still building his power, but he heals quickly. He won't be please about the helicopter unless he can sit up front. Now we're really going to have to let him learn to fly one."

"Why? That doesn't make sense. He's a dragon>'

"He said it's more fun because there more to do." She said I nuts. "That's given, Airi, because he has multiple pregnant women all giving birth around the same." They both laughed.

"How's Sara?"

"Upset he got shot but she's been diffused. God help whoever else is left if they come after us. Keeps the patrols going throughout the night."

"We are, love. The wolves are doing patrols, and Taiiko will be too. Do you me to have her call you?"

"Only if it's necessary. Have the kitchen make sure everyone, and I MEAN everyone, eats well. Give some of the scraps and bones to Drakon, and the pups. Thank you, and thank your people. We'll have gifts for everyone. We'll see tomorrow before noon." Annie looked at Sara. They're fine...only mild damage to the barn."

"Everyone else is fine too, but they are still on guard. I think they were coming after us, or Daniel." Annie nodded as they went inside to eat something and check in with the Captain and say hi to everyone.

Sara said, the stew's amazing. "It's from the venison you dropped off. The cooks made mostly stew, but also broth, after roasting the bones for marrow...good energy in the cold." Annie nodded. We are trying to preserve what's left in the root cellars because we don't know how long this winter will last, and there aren't many potato's or carrots left." Sara said it still wonderful as Annie excused herself and grabbed the phone.

"Jakob, it's Annie. I heard but it sounds like it's handled. Can you check and see what he have in the root cellars? I'm sending helicopter there, early tomorrow morning, spare what you can. It's for a rural fishing village on the coast of Sweden. They help us when we need it. How much venison do we have?"

"Probably eight to ten full deer, but they are either quartered of halved." Do you have enough plastic to wrap them?" Jakob said yes." Have people wrap four full deer so they can be put in the back of a helicopter, and make sure there are tarps on the floor just in case, and talk with the kitchen to see what root veg, and greens they can spare, and if they have extra ham and ham hocks, add those along with flour, and grains....wheat and rye. Sorry about the added work but he's coming to pick us up and it's mostly on the way. It's easier for us to get things in town, or Oslo, then it it for these folks, so more is better than less. I'll call you back with a time. Thanks, Jakob. Eat...I mean it, and make sure everyone else does too." She called the charter company and told them and then called Jakob back before walking inside and finishing her stew. "Sara's right, this is wonderful."

They all had two bowls, bread, and then some dessert, along with milk and tea. "If you can make us breakfast, porridge, and toast is fine, we'd appreciate it, along with milk and tea, especially for Danael. He'll be hungry. The helicopter should be here by ten and we'll need people to help unload some things. I'm having people check our root cellars and they will be sending as much as they can spare, along with greens, and flour and grain. They are also adding halves of venison for you." We have too many deer for this winter and it's easier for us to access food than it is you, and you always give generously to us even if it may impact your people. If it makes you feel better, you can give us....fresh...shark steaks when you catch them." He smiled and nodded. Annie feeling the mothering instinct as well. It lucky for them they were well liked.

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