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take me part 612..tried to fix AFF three times and they still removed words.  

dadigan 60M  
318 posts
2/2/2022 4:30 pm
take me part 612..tried to fix AFF three times and they still removed words.

I smiled because I could feel everyone having a wonderful outing, and not paying attention as Irina and Hammish walked up. "You need attention because more people are moving into town. I stopped someone stole a man's silver pouch. Irina smiled as he opened her cloak and showed me the knife.

"I always bring this, and , in their right mind, would mess with Hammish?" I smiled, and nodded. "We need the silver because are seeds I want, and dried herbs, and other things. Hammish showed me the building and the empty lot. We need more seeds for , and manure. We need stop at the stables before we leave to secure the poop." I smiled, nodded and handed them the pouch so no one could see.

" are things we need for the wagons but also metal scrap, and other things. I made a deal for wood because is work at all our houses, and also the building here. I'm going talk with the stone masons over a pint so we can secure them for your house, and barn, and Juuka's, and some of the other building's you want, but they want security. Are you OK with that?"

"Do you trust them, Hammish?"

"I think they are being smart and I don't think they'll cheat us, especially after last fall." I nodded and told them to get what they thought we needed, but to include bacon. They both laughed as Irina kissed me and they walked away. I kept pushing outward but felt no threat. I could feel the sheriff watching but he was unsure of me, and gave me a wide berth as the girls started bringing out bags and boxes, and jars, and jugs, and bolts of fabrics, chunks of dried meat, and fish. was a lot, but were also three families shopping after a hard winter and they wanted replenish the root cellars, and pantry's until we were able harvest and shop, and trade, again in the summer.

"Wait until you see the amazing things we found, Danael." Elisabeth nodded but Malinka was as happy as I had seen her. They hugged me as Sara walked up, smiling. "We are all going for a special meal before we leave, come with us."

"He can't, loves, because we need watch these wagons and all the things we bought for our family." They were sad, but nodded. "I'll go with you and bring us back lunch as we watch the wagons and we can make something special for dinner." Both Malinka and Elisabeth clapped and ran the Inn join everyone else as I hugged Sara.

"As an unconscious competent move, I think bringing Karin and Elisabeth here was probably the best thing I done, except having pancakes with you, love." She nodded and said she'd be back with food. I could feel people looking at the things in the wagons, which I was covering, and tying down as Hammish walked up with someone and handed me a pint of ale.

"This is Dmitri. His family are the best stone mason's around these parts and he has an interesting proposition." I motioned for them to sit. "He wants to know if we work for his family for the year because they would rather not travel since they will be having multiple babies in their family this year, as well." I smiled and told him congratulations. He nodded as I asked if he had access to good stones for building. Hammish smiled. "He has enough stone for a year's work, two, before 's depleted but they know of another site not too far away, but it's more than they can afford alone." Hammish looked at me as I looked at Dmitri.

I knew the answer because I was getting better at reading people but I asked anyway because I was curious about his response. "Are you an honorable man, Dimitri?" I could feel him bristle, but I would too. He looked at me, and then at Hammish, as Sara walked up, watching us. Dimitri spat in his hand and extended it as I did the , as well as Hammish and we shook. "I'll leave you negotiate the . Come Hammish's tomorrow around midday and we can discuss projects. I also want to bring on apprentices." They smiled and nodded.

"Go something eat with you ale, both of you. I want lunch, alone, with my husband." They laughed, nodded, and walked the Inn as Sara looked at me shaking her head. "That was disgusting! I assume 's part of the plan for you and Hammish dominate the world." I smiled and nodded. "Don't hurt yourselves." She sat on the back of the wagon and handed me a plate. "The food here is quite good but the fish around was salted, or dried." I nodded as we ate. Can you and Taiiko take Karin and Lisbet the ocean so they can get fresh fish for us, and the wolves...more is better. Get what you need make easier take the house. I need stay with the wagons." She kept eating but looked around.

"Are you going Wolf?" I nodded as I ate. "Good, because they aren't nice men, and we don't like men that aren't nice, and this town doesn't need them." I nodded. "We'll bring fish, love. Karin and Elisabeth will love but I'm going take Malinka." I nodded as she kissed me on the cheek. "Isn't this wonderful?" We finished eating as Sara burped, and laughed as she took the plates and cups back to the Inn while everyone else was starting to head toward the wagons. I looked around as Hammish walked up, nervous as well.

"We can look at the building another time," he nodded.

"Are you concerned, too." I nodded

"I called Wolf and they will meet us outside of town. They won't do anything for a few miles. Hammish helped me finish as Sara spoke with Karin, Elisabeth, Irina, and Malinka. They all nodded as Irina walked to me and the rest picked up tarps and walked behind the buildings and disappeared to the coast so that Lisbet could do what she was good at.....feeding her people. The rest of us walked along side the wagons to give the mules a break as we headed home. This was not an easy place to live, and it was becoming less so as civilization encroached, but was no stopping . The thing we could do was use the fact that we knew what was come try and position our growing family, and friends, in the best places possible and we weren't in the best place for the future. It didn't hurt that I was a dragon. It was probably less than three miles before I could feel them coming as Hammish and I stopped and told the rest of them to keep going. The wagons were gone by the time they rounded the bend in the road.

Hammish and I stood in the road, our hands on our weapons. They stopped their horses, which were rightfully skittish because of the wolves in the trees, and looked around. "Are you insane?" Hammish and I looked each and smiled. "You be insane if you think you will stop us from finding those wagon, and those women." Hammish and I didn't hesitate and threw our axes at the leader, the man was speaking, and the one with the bow. The wolves knocked the other two off by scaring the horses, which ran toward the wagon. The wolves finished them and waited for me and Hammish. I was beyond the superstition of wearing something of the dead. We took their<b> boots </font></b>and clothes because they died quickly and didn't soil them, and went through their pockets. "Shit." Hammish looked at me.

"We need to talk with Juuka because they were connected with him." The wolves dragged the bodies deep into the woods, two on either side of the road and left them as they shadowed us back to Irina's. They were picking up our habit helping others in case we needed help in the future. We walked to Irina's for about a mile when I stopped and pushed to Wolf to stay as I told him the horses were around the next bend. He smiled and nodded.

"You are becoming more animal than man, Danael." I chuckled and nodded as I pushed to town. "No one else is coming so take your pack home to Irina's but will be treats when Sara and Taiiko get back." They yipped as Hammish and I walked slowly around the bend in the road. The horses snorted but kept eating grass as I went two and Hammish did the . They were use men, and were comforted by us. I still had some sweet grain in my pocket, left from the mules, and I gave them some which made them love us. We road and caught up the wagons as everyone sighed. Hammish and I didn't mind walking so we gave the horses the women took turns racing, which I hated but I could remember the Mongols chasing me in the beginning and some of their women were pregnant, as well as the Vikings. I tried to pretend not to notice but they were having a good time.

"You family over the mountains, do they good mules?" Hammish smiled and nodded.

"They're gypsies and they know good horses, mules, and wagons," Ilsa said magic and herbs as well. "We are getting good horses, and tack, and now clothes that they will trade for. Silver is nice but we all needs." I nodded. "Are you staying here for awhile, brother?" I told Hammish and Ilsa about the girls and our plans. They were quiet, and sad.

"Why are you sad?" Ilsa spoke.

"You lost Sofi, and your , and you will be in that house, alone...that's sad." I thought about , because she was right but I couldn't change what happened, all I could do was endure until was easier.

"Irina and Malinka new friends and that will take them where I want them be, Ilsa. I'll deal with whatever I too but I'm not going to much time for feeling bad for myself... is too much that needs to be done, at three places and that doesn't take into account whatever work Hammish has lined up. He and Alfher need to take the horses and bring back mules, wagons, and whatnot. 's a lot do this year." Ilsa was quiet and nodded.

"How will you and the men eat?" I smiled.

"I'm a decent cook, Ilsa. I could use someone help with the animals and the gardens, and the gardens in town. Speaking of that, Hammish, we need Dimiti's men to make a large root cellar in the building in town so we can store things. We also need to come together as a town so we help each other." They nodded. When are planning on leaving." Ilsa and Hammish looked at each other.

"Soon but I'd rather deal with muddy ground coming back down the mountain." I nodded. We bought supplies for the journey and we'll be leaving within a week depending on weather." I nodded and told them that change is the that is constant. They both understood that, and nodded as I rode to Aisha.

"Did the wolves eat well?"

"No, but the other animals will. They wolves will eat well when Sara and Taiiko get back with the girls." I told her about my idea.

"You do take good care of pack Dragon, that is a fact.." I smiled.

"Can y'all leave tomorrow with Malinka and Irina...all at once?" She nodded.

"Pull the band-aid off quickly?" I nodded.

"Something like that."

"It's the for us, love, and will be worse for Malinka and Irina. We'll deal with things on our end, but it's the right decision." I nodded as we rode on in silence. Things never seemed get easier.

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