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Come on this journey with me ?8/2/2022  0  
Key holder8/1/2022  0  
I know my place6/20/2022  0  
what ever you want6/18/2022  0  
Didn’t see myself here6/3/2022  0  
Chastity is a drug you can not get enough off5/30/2022  0  
what a gurl wants5/28/2022  0  
Daddy5/21/2022  0  
Baby lock me into chastity5/20/2022  0  
So the truth is I am so out of my depth5/19/2022  0  
chastity and frustration is like a drug5/18/2022  0  
Road to discovery5/17/2022  0  
The general consensus5/12/2022  0  
Ready to take the plunge5/7/2022  0  
Ready to take the plunge5/7/2022  0  
Botton all the way Please4/22/2022  0  
How obvious should a gurl be?4/19/2022  0  
How did I get this so wrong?4/18/2022  0  
as feminine i need to please you4/13/2022  0  
can't do this myself3/29/2022  0  
No comparison3/28/2022  0  
Chastity ruined my life3/27/2022  0  
Girls can only get off via penetration3/25/2022  0  
Looking for a LTR3/23/2022  0  
Not proud of what I have become3/21/2022  0  
My Guy3/20/2022  0  
Into flat chested Gurls or Gurls with puffy boobs?3/18/2022  0  
Sissy is a journey for sure3/14/2022  0  
I am open to any offers3/10/2022  0  
Not everything works out how you planned it3/7/2022  0  
Hope you understand where I’m coming from3/5/2022  0  
So, what is on offer?2/27/2022  0  
So this is so complicated and shouldn’t be2/22/2022  0  
First Translesbian Experience2/18/2022  8  
Jake's and Jolyne's Wild West Adventure - chapter 22/17/2022  0  
I feel trapped2/16/2022  0  
It’s the small thigs I look forward too2/6/2022  0  
Double Standards2/5/2022  10  
CRAZY GIRL 31/29/2022  2  
Chastity gurl verses a shemale1/28/2022  0  
I dont underestimate just how huge a deal this is1/26/2022  0  
Its all about accepting your fate1/24/2022  0  
Mistress recounts to me first time shared by her Ex.1/22/2022  2  
dressed up and out of place1/21/2022  5  
Totally mad that’s what they say1/16/2022  0  
Everyone is different1/13/2022  0  
It’s not just body it’s mind too1/12/2022  2  
Birthday Wishes1/11/2022  1  
So its just another step right?1/10/2022  0  
Past the point of no return1/9/2022  0