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any 1 ?

by buddy98111111 7/21/2019
Have you ever experenced fear as a aphrodisiac

by peterwillgro 7/21/2019

by Billyb0bb00bies 7/21/2019
Porn preferences

by Wedobad69 7/21/2019
Best way to have sex on vacation?

by pkin15 7/20/2019
When a Woman is Out on a Date with Someone, or With her Husband or Boyfriend..Do You Check Her Out?

by Heathen_G 7/20/2019
Abs of chest

by spurchise 7/20/2019
If a woman is with her husband or bf, do you check her out anyway?

by quadcab4x4 7/20/2019
Has AFF changed the rules

by Lonely2518 7/20/2019
Is it too hot to have sex?

by Next2us 7/20/2019
Anyone like to...

by 8inchcock4funLFK 7/20/2019

by its_only_me_here 7/20/2019

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